A downloadable Vachi for Windows

A psychological adventure in the cursed village. 
Maeve, the protagonist of the game is looking for her mother, who went to the old place, where the curse of "Vachi" blinded many. In order to save her mother, Maeve should use her powers and collect "ancient nails", located in the spheres, which give powers to the ancient god, demon "Vachi" .

This is a very special project for me. I've been working on it since March. Game contains psychological atmosphere, car mechanics, gameplay mechanics, such as note collecting, shooting and note reading. If you are interested in lore, read notes carefully and watch your back, because great "Vachi" is watching over the village. 
Enjoy the short, creepy adventure of Maeve. 

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorNiven Hedinger
TagsFirst-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short


Vachi (Game).rar 279 MB

Install instructions

Read Instructions carefully: 
Movement: W, A, S, D keys, both for the character and the car.
Item Interaction: Use LMB to click on notes and read them and then press LMB again to cancel note reading. Press H (special power) to locate the "artifacts".
Shooting: Press LMB.


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This was interesting, quite confusing but I looked up some other gameplay and I think the ancient nails didn't render for me, I could only see a faint light on the ground, but I found them and I could progress forward.

I loved the car driving! It was so wonky and fun, wish there was more than just a straight road haha. It's a cool idea, it was also fun to shoot the goats at the end (wow that sounds messed up). I'm not a fan of notes being used for storytelling, when I played Envy it seemed more ok to me probably because of a more closed up and linear environment. But I did go around to find everything and get to know the story.

Weird and creepy, good work!


Thank you so much for playing, yet another game (I feel like I'm dreaming, for real).
The driving part was super wonky, because I messed up the controls and the wheels were going crazy. Can't believe I used to make bad games like this lmao! 


It wasn't bad, I enjoyed it!


i was surprised by everything !!! Good game. 

Thank you so much for playing my game, I really appreciate the feedback and nice comment, thanks. Sorry for late response. 


aww thank you , no problem. 


Hello! I recently completed a review of your game for my Youtube series “The First 15”! I’ve placed a link to the video down below, please check it out and thank you for sharing your work with the world!

Thank you so much, I appreciate the review and kind words, the game definitely needs improvements, but overall I am glad if you enjoyed it. Sorry for late response. 


No such thing as a "late response"...everyone is busy, and you don't owe me anything :D But, if you REALLY feel bad, you can keep making fun games like this one as recompense :P

Keep on doing great!

Thank you, you are so kind! I will try, definitely. Thanks again, your comment made my day!


it a good game i like the story about saving the mother but i didnt like the driving in the game but it decent 😁

Thank you very much for playing my game and for the nice feedback, I will definitely look into the car physics, sorry about that.


Cool story! Made you a lil video: 

Thank you so much for gameplay, I enjoyed the playthrough very much. Sorry for late response, I appreciate the feedback.


Nah all good! Have a good one!


It's a nice car

Thank you very much for playing and giving the feedback, I appreciate that. 


There's a few bugs that make this hard to play, and the controls were not that great. Seemed like a very interesting game though! The red part was v cool

Thank you very much for the feedback, I will definitely fix those in the future, Thanks for playing the game. 


A rather neat little game. Definitely could use some polish, but for a simple experience I liked it! Those notes were being very mean when it came to letting me click on them though...


Thank you so much for the feedback, I truly apologize for the notes and basically all the bugs in the game, yet I am glad you enjoyed the game. The rest, super long comment is on your channel, hope you enjoy that too. Thank you very much. 

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Thank you so much for the feedback and nice gameplay. 


Made a video


Thank you for your feedback, the funniest review of my game, I laughed a lot when you said "too graphically amazing" - hilarious. I laughed at the jokes you made, my game definitely deserves a rant, in a good way. Thank you so much, for such a pleasurable video.


Not bad, even tho there are several bugs in the game. Also the stuff I should be collecting was not appearing, making it hard to locate them. This game has potential to be good but it need some fixing first.

Thank you very much for feedback. The game does have several bugs and is little unpolished, but I was glad you enjoyed it. The "spheres", scattered around the village, were activated by pressing "H", special power, it was said on the instructions page, but I forgot to put instructions in the game, so thank you for noticing that. I will fix it in the future. Thanks again.


Hello, I played this game and I liked it, the concept was neat, and although the driving was super goofy I enjoyed it, there are some improvements needed as some of the other people have said, like movement wasn't great, and picking notes was a little annoying, also if you add the instructions in game then it would be better, accessing the houses would be neat as well, but over all it wasn't too bad, good job :)


Thank you, I appreciate your feedback, I was looking forward for your game play, loved it.
The game needs many improvements, but overall, I am glad you enjoyed the eerie experience.


I gave the game a solid shot and for the most part, it was enjoyable enough. I would consider making those building enterable and maybe making the notes easier to click to read. Besides that, it's an ok game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thank you very much for feedback. The game is rough around the edges, but I was happy you enjoyed it. I appreciate it, thanks. 


I did not read the controls so I thought the game was buggy at first. I apologize about that. 

Thank you so much for the feedback. No need to apologize, I am the developer so it's on me to make a game enjoyable, I will definitely put instructions in the next game. Very fun watching you play, I was glad. Great commentary too and overall, thanks. 

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Hi there! This is a very cool game, i thought blender games were dead long ago, but Vachi brings back the BGE to action!!  DragonExplosion already posted the flaws and pros, so i will tell you.. With a bit more of polishing and interactions this game can be SCARY as hell!

It was already, the music and the village feeling is eerie enough, so i encorage you to keep pushing it!

As an old dev that started with BGE, im proud of this game and brought me many memories.

Please enjoy my playthrough of Vachi, i enjoyed it!

Fantastic work here!


Thank you so much, I am flattered to hear good feedback. Overall, the game has many flaws, but it's a big motivation to have a feedback and be reviewed. Thanks. 


Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and if you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

Honestly, I felt that the movements for the main character wasn't really good and it can be improved. The game has an interesting storyline and the idea of shooting enemies with crystals is amazing. However, the storyline can be further developed and more can be done with the ability to shoot crystals. The moving around the forest to look for notes and stuff can be improved by allowing players to enter houses as well or interact with other beings if possible.

Loved the horrifying mood and atmosphere of the game and it would be even more amazing if the player can interact more with the surroundings in the game.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours :).

Thank you very much, I appreciate the feedback. The story is more folklore based and interaction with the environment needs to be improved, thanks for noticing that. Next time, I will try to make it better. Thanks, really, for kind words.  


Cool game

Thank you so much, really appreciate the feedback.

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Thanks for playing, I appriciate the feedback. Fun gameplay!


Nice to finally play one of your games. I was really craving for that classic indie horror game vibe: Eerie drones, backwards pianos, premade models. Cricket-filled forest wandering in the dead of night. Loved it. 

The story feels like a compressed version of something big, in my opinion. Considering you're working alone (I presume) on this, it's totally understandable. Wish we "saw" a bit more of Vachi before the battle, to build tension.

The game has also a lot of unique quirks (in the best way possible): 

Shooting religious goats with crystals, an intro cutscene in the gamefolder (nice idea, btw), funny physics car driving  (go BGE!) and nude villagers. I do like those quiet villagers, actually. They didn't do much, but their silence added to the eerie vibe. (Also, why don't they have clothes on? Any reason storywise? xD) 

All in all, this was just what I needed. :) Nice, short and sort of nostalgic. I want to make a game like this in the future. It has its charm.


Wow, I am flattered! Thank you so much. Your feedback means a lot to me.
The assets were not premade, I used my old made objects and remodeled them, also I used MakeHuman for the villagers. Piano themes are my friends, he let me use them, but to add the effect I reversed them. 
I appreciate your time and thanks so much for the comment.