A downloadable Sunken for Windows and macOS

Sunken - Lovecraftian horror adventure, where you play as unknown protagonist. Working as a night shift staff member and taking care of the beach, every day you struggle as the environment around you changes. Certain events trigger your sanity, which slowly decays into madness. 

Game has 3 Endings.
Time completion is around 15-20 minutes. 

The game features deep Lovecraftian lore, elements of cosmic horror and action, which includes avoiding the monster and trying to complete daily tasks. This game is a special surprise to my fans and I've worked on this for over 4 week period. I do hope you enjoy the game and wish you the best experience. 

Special thanks to Vazahat, owner of the YouTube Channel Glitched Velocity for providing a crosshair script and the entire community of Copper Cube users, for being very supportive and humble. 
Glitched Velocity YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_yfoGEKkmY63tnyy6hR7ZQ

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorNiven Hedinger
GenreAdventure, Survival
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Lovecraftian Horror, Short, Singleplayer


Sunken.rar 103 MB
Sunken V1.app.rar 57 MB

Install instructions

Download the file for compatible device. Extract the folder and play. 






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If you have any questions, any errors or bugs, please contact me on this page. 
Thanks and enjoy. 

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With Halloween approaching, thought I'd come and try out one of your older games. ;)


Solo creo que el juego es muuuuuuy obscuro. La linterna podría haber alumbrado un par de metros más delante de mí. Aparte de eso, buen juego, buenos puzzles, buenos sustos.

Obrigado. Eu definitivamente considerarei a iluminação nos projetos futuros. 👍

Spoiler warning!

So now that I've managed to actually play Sunken, I thought I'd give my impressions. First the stuff I liked. The atmosphere is quite good, I like the idea of starting off mundane and then ramping up to reveal the horror. The ambient background sound that plays after a few days really got me on edge. The jump scare on the platform got me good, too. The story is also fairly straightforward, and while not super original, was at least clear enough to figure out things while still leaving a bit of mystery.

Now the stuff I liked...not so much. The game is way too dark. I'm playing in a dark room and could never get the screen brightness to a level where I could see very well. I think there was supposed to be a car at some point? And maybe a ship out in the water? But I could only see about 2 feet in front of me and it made it hard to play, plus gave me a headache.

The last day of garbage collecting took way too long to find everything. And then I went underwater. I was happy with the visibility, until I discovered I had to run through identical areas with my vision completely blocked by kelp. I had no idea where to go, but eventually discovered I needed to find stones. Then some kind of monster/fish/thing came out of nowhere and got basically got stuck in my character until I died. I tried it a second time but the fish came out again and stuck through the character until death yet again.

I want to see the ending(s), so I guess I'll just have to check out Youtube. So basically A+ for atmosphere, C- for gameplay to my sensibilities.

First of all glad that you ran the game and had to see it for yourself, really appreciate the positive feedback and review.
Unfortunately, I can't do much at this point with brightness, because the files I had for the game got corrupted and I had to delete some of the work. Brightness is an issue at is has been a huge critique for the game, well, that's truly bad. 
As it goes for the underwater level, I might assume that you did not click on the flashlight, because I've seen some playthroughs and say people complain, while not clicking F for the flashlight. The thing is, I do assume people know that underwater scuba set comes with the flashlight and that's why some of my recent works I started to have an objective icon, even thou it ruins the immersion for the game. Also, considering that underwater is supposed to be dark, I did not want it to be all colorful and shining like the sun. So, that's more of a creative choice. 

Now, as it goes for the originality, SPOILER! - the game is not super original because it's based on the Lovecraftian work, which mostly does include cosmic horror and the popular Cthulhu monster, although I might argue a bit that it has a very original setup for a night shift beach worker, who has no friends and works all by himself. Now, some people did not get that, well, most did not, but working on the beach is usually a day job, because there are people enjoying their time, swimming, surfing and there are multiple guards and the game is hinting that our main character (which is either a man or a woman) likes to be alone and they enjoy this job. Towards the end, making an ultimate sacrifice or saving yourself from the monster both works for the character, making them either a hero or a justifiable person, who really hates humanity and does not care if they get eaten by a sea god. 

Ultimately, the story is very linear, but it's not something generic you come up on the free indie market, especially with those "Backrooms" clones and FNAF fan games or even the new obsession of "Analog Horror", which yours truly has contributing with a Primary Color Man game - now that game is super popular, but does it have the same quality and effort or atmosphere as this? Absolutely not, but weirdly, people still enjoy that over this.

In the end, my only job is to bring the experience, then it's up to the player to have fun with it or not. Thanks again for kind words and I do apologize for a lengthy reply. Cheers! 


Long replies are welcome, I love having insight into what goes on in development. It's easy to be critical of something that I have idea how to do myself when I don't appreciate how hard it is to actually make a game.

I didn't mean to sound as dismissive of the story as I came across. It's interesting and well-delivered. I guess I meant that it's nothing groundbreaking in the cosmic horror genre, but I still enjoyed the slow drip of info into what was going on. Part of why I wanted to play this is that I watched a let's play that got an abrupt ending (they didn't even go underwater) and I figured there had to be more to it. On that aspect, I'm glad I gave Sunken a go. Atmosphere, tension, and immersion are very good and the story gives you a mystery to unravel. And dammit, I want to see how it ends!

But I went back again just now to try the water section again, and I simply cannot complete it. While I'm gathering the stones, the random fish monster just shows up out of nowhere and kills me every time. Is there a way to avoid it? It gets stuck inside the POV model and just sits there until I die. I must see this through to the end now! But I'm afraid I'm missing something about how to beat the water section.

Not at all, I enjoy and look forward to critical reviews and such sorts and I do agree with you about the overall theme and plot that drives the game's narrative. I am glad you enjoyed part of it. 
The underwater level is pretty hard and that's only because one of the players in my previous projects said that I make games "easy", so that got me and now I am slowly balancing the difficulties in the games. So, basically, you just have to collect the stones, but it becomes easier after knowing that the stones are at the end of the corners, basically it's a 3X3X3 grid so, not hard to locate them. And as far as it goes for the monster, unless you jump or "jerk move away" it won't attack you, but you can just walk and it will be stuck on you. That's a mechanical flaw of the game. Or, you can trap the monster in the ship by going inside. 


I really want to play this, but for some reason my laptop with nvidia MX150 chugs like crazy. I forced it to select the dedicated graphics card, but I get like 5-10 FPS. The only times I run into this are super-modern games or stuff that's really badly optimized. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the comment. I really think, it's a problem on your end, because Copper Cube 6 is has a very low end PC rendering system. It's not really about optimization, because the game can run on low graphics. Unfortunately, I can only suggest to play on another PC. My game is not super modern, it's not even close to be like Unity, you can check out the endgine istelf and see that the game does not have issues in regards of optimization. 


Thanks for your response! I didn't mean to imply Sunken had optimization issues, I just meant that it was something common I come across that can make my GPU lag.

I discovered something baffling. After trying a bunch of options in the nVidia settings, I gave up on finding anything that worked and just restored it to default settings so I could start over.

And as it turns out, the game actually runs better on my integrated Intel graphics chip than the dedicated nVidia card. I still have a few frame drops due to draw distance, but otherwise it runs fine. Completely the opposite of what it should be, but at least once I can turn off all the lights I'll be able to play it. Yay!


Hey, and how have you been! I tried to do a video of this game, but I seem not to be able to drop off the trash in the dumpster / go to sleep after the first night...looking at the video below, I dee where the player gathered what looked to be a chip bag from a bench but all I see are soda cans.

Is there a set number of trash pieces that need to be gathered and maybe one didn't spawn, or some other known bug? I also noted I couldn't jump...if there's a fix in the works or I am just dumb, please tell me bc I was looking forward to testing this one out!

Thanks for the comment, sorry to hear about the problem. You do jump, but in the further part of the game, when you get to go under the water. 

As for the trash - you need to gather all near the beach. When you go to the dumpster it will tell you that you have to gather trash and if it does not that means you started the next night. On the third night there is a car and you just have to examine that and then go to sleep as it says in the game itself. 


Was thinking maybe the issue was because I picked up all the trash before inspecting the dumpsters, but I wasn't able to replicate the issue going back tonight...I must just be lucky I guess :

If you pick up trash before inspecting the dumpsters it will still work. There is just 1 "night" were you don't have to pick up trash and just go around to see what's up with the car stalking you. Hope the game works for ya. 


Awesome Game bro 10/10 had fun playing I will have to do a video on all the endings


Happy to hear you liked the game. Thanks for the rating, appreciate the feedback.

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Your very welcome man cheers


Check ur email bro, im getting back into horror dev


I can't believe, the Matthew Ager himself, the legend! 

Much appreciate this man, I will check out the email for sure and welcome back.

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Pc back up and Running making a video on this ASAP :)


Thank you so much. Take your time friend.


your welcome my friend


You have a fan who requested I play this. I then forgot. But then he reminded me so here I am!

Thank you for dedicating your big time to my small game, I have no idea about who the fan is, but thanks to them too. I will watch this right away. Thanks again.


Was recommended and didn't get to see the monster but was very creepy atmosphere. will play again 

Thanks a lot for playing and I really appreciate the feedback.Cheers!


Hi there! I want to play this very badly, but the game won't open on my mac. Any fix to this? It's just saying that the file is broken and cannot be opened


I promise I will try to work on the version. It's showing on my page that 54 people downloaded as Mac users. I will look into the files and if I don't fix it, I will contact you here.

I just updated the game for Mac users and it is possible to download and play it. When you extract the file, you can go to content and see the playable file there. Good luck with that. 


The game was a lot of fun, for some reason I thought my character was going mad after the first day, and I was stuck in a Limbo of beach cleaning.

I went through the game to see all the endings, feeling like unleashing the monster is the best option. The best option is ripping the band aid off, not sure you could get enough sacrifices to keep it trapped forever, so why not Cabin in the Woods it and let the God escape.

Thanks a lot for posting this. I really appreciate your support and honestly, the reasoning behind those endings is well explained by you. Interesting for sure. Thanks again. Cheers.


recommend turning the game brightness up :) 

Thanks a lot for playing, I deeply appreciate the feedback and will look into it. Thanks. 


Hi !
Congratulations on the work you've done on this game, Niven. You'll laugh, but what scares me the most in this game are the huge mountains that surround the beach lol I'm afraid to see one start moving and suddenly realize that it's something alive.
Take good care of yourself Niven :)

Thank you so much for great support. I deeply appreciate and look up to someone like you who made a huge impact on the horror genre and I hope to see more from you in the future. Those hills are nothing compare to your scares. Cheers man! Thank you.

It's really super nice !
Thank you very much and congratulations again, Niven... Oh ! ... What's that ? ... No man ! Don't look left ! ;-D
Cheers Niven ! :-)


Really enjoyed playing this! 

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I was glad you enjoyed the game. 


Those stones were hidden pretty well :D

Thanks for playing my game, I deeply appreciate the kind words and feedback. I hid the stones well, lol. 


Nice slow build in the feel, and very mysterious. I wish I could have turned up the brightness by about 1.5% though :)

Thanks a lot for playing. I will consider that for sure, thanks.


I am a big fan of Lovecraftian horror and you nailed it. This game was both mysterious and creepy. Great job! 

Thanks a lot for playing the game, deeply appreciate the feedback and support. Cheers! 

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Cool lovecraftian horror game but a bit short on the horror side and more focused on the sanity side as the beach changes every time you wake up and odd things that aren't supposed to be there appear. However, the underwater scenario fish is faster than the player which causes it so stick to the player and kill them eventually, the Try again menu button doesn't work after you die but you can still click the flashlight. Finding the stones is pretty frustrating with all the seaweed covering it up and no audible que to help you find them. The fish also gets stuck in the spawn point until you get close which then just closes the gap immediately. Other than these issues it was a good game that was worth the time. Thank you for making this! 


Thanks a lot for feedback. I am glad you enjoyed the game overall, I will definitely look at the issues and try to fix them. Thanks.


i love your content and your game :):):)

Thanks a lot for showing amazing support, I'm glad you enjoyed the game.


Epic bideo by yours truly. Took me a while to figure things out, but I got it.

Thanks for playing, appreciate the feedback. 


Great game! Loved the Lovecraft feel to it! Another work to be proud of.

Thank you man, I was so immersed in your gameplay and you did amazing job as a beach manager, I guess, you will get your promotion, I promise lol.


Can I have a hat that says 'BEACH OVERLORD'?

Not a bad idea to promote the game, although I don't think I get that famous, but if I will, you are getting that hat alright and you are wearing it and playing the game again lol. 


Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe to my channel.

This was a cool horror game exploring the deep ocean theme where the main character is just an ordinary guy who clears trash, watch over the beach and gets to go on boat rides from time to time before something horrible happens. I enjoyed the game due to the simplicity of the game, going around to pick up trash and throw them, running around the ocean floor looking for sacred stones. The horror game was very straightforward and clear in terms of instructions so I did not get lost in the game. I also liked the ending of the game, giving the players the option to choose an ending that they like. 

I definitely got scared by the "Look to the left" part as I actually assumed that the man is just gonna stand there before it suddenly comes towards me and scared the crap out of me XD. I actually took a long time to complete the find the stones part as it is actually pretty hard to see where the stones are even with a flashlight so it would be cool if it was actually easier to see the stones somehow and I actually cleared the level due to a bug that causes the monster to get stuck onto the temple XD.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours!


Thank you so much. I can't express how much this means to me, especially from you, looking back at my games, which you have played and you really got everything right with the instructions and I am happy there was nothing frustrating nor simple too. Thanks, I am just now watching the playthrough. 


Can't wait to play more games made by you! :)