A downloadable Lamp Post for Windows

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A mysterious case of an unknown Keter class SCP - Lamp Post -

| Features | 

- atmospheric horror 
- 15 minutes of gameplay 
- twisted story with an ambiguous ending 
- only 1 ending 

| Developer's Note | 

- The game has been in development for a while. Thanks to enormous support from all of my friends, fans, I was able to make this project and put it out for free. I very much appreciate all the feedback, necessary criticism and per usual, I can't wait for you to enjoy this game. All the best - 

| Controls | 

W, A, S, D - Movement
LMB - Interaction
S H I F T - Sprint

| Another Video From MrKravin | 
This made my day, always does: 

Updated 17 days ago
Published 25 days ago
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(59 total ratings)
AuthorNiven Hedinger
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Sci-fi, Short, Singleplayer


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super cool game! simple and to the point

Always love playing a short and sweet horror game! Had a lot of fun and love how simple of a concept this is! Great job and keep up the great work! :)

If you'd like to see how my experience with this lamp post went, feel free to check out the video down below :)

This weird ass Lamp Post was catching mad bodies. We never stood a chance. The game was a fun ride from start to finish, thank you for the experience!

It was the third game I played in the video and I have to say, this was the first time I was more intrigued in a Horror game than scared. I never knew a lamp post was an scp and didn't realize the lore it had behind. Well done!

I defiantly had fun with this game 😆👌 

Cool game. 

For my first scp game I really liked it, makes me wanna play more. good job.

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Playing another game by you, and enjoyed this one aswell! The jumpscare thou, omg,  I really liked it!

this game made me shit my pants. I love SCP Content.

4/5 Stars!

First SCP related game I ever played, was not disappointed.

Who knew a lamp post could be so scary? 


Very nice game.I like it.Good work! cheers 


Thanks for playing. Glad that you liked it. Best to you! 


Can i record more game from you bro?Look nice! :) 


Hey! Yes, sure, my games are out there to be played. Thanks for showing interest! 


Hell yeaaa lets rock! :D thank you bro :) 


game was fire

The video was fire too, especially at the end! 
Thanks for playing, once again! Best to you mate ✌


Never let your guard down with an SCP subject


Thanks for playing! The intro was really unique. Best to you and your channel! 


What a wacky game, had lots of fun

I had even more fun watching, it was hilarious! Thanks for playing. Best to you both ✌


i love scp horror games really liked the story great job 

Thanks for playing! Once again, enjoyed the video. Cheers! 


Excellent game! Always enjoy a good, creepy experience with an SCP, and this one was top notch. Very unsettling "shadow man", something about that face.. Definitely scared me pretty good

Great job on this one! I definitely plan on checking out some more of your titles now :)

Thanks a lot for playing! I deeply appreciate the showcase and feedback. Best to you! 

And, also I would recommend maybe explaining some people in your comments what content you are making, because some, just some think too much of themselves. 

It was a pleasure!

I do apologize if that comment came off as malicious, I do believe it was made in jest and not a legitimate criticism. I did have a chat with them and confirmed it wasn't meant as a negative jab towards the game in any way, just their sense of humor!

You did an excellent job on it and you deserve all the success it has garnered so far :) 



Thanks for playing! I appreciate the feedback. All the best to you mate! 


Found a new thing to obsess over

Thanks for playing my game. I deeply appreciate the video and feedback. Best to you! 


Thank you for watching the video and letting me play the game. Hope you keep making great games!


great game, the atmosphere is quite haunting and the set desing is awsome. I really like how the ceiling lamps look just close enough to the figure that they scared me a couple times. 

A tiny bit i would change is to remove some of the objects from the start since it can be pretty frustrating scanning so many of them. 

Overall great little game

Thanks for playing the game. I deeply appreciate the feedback. Well, the idea of multiple objects in the game is thoroughly explained in the game. Plus, I don't think you understood the task, which was given - search for anomalous objects. Otherwise, the game would be just 5 objects and it would end in 2 minutes, less. So yeah, what you are saying is the 80% of the game's main mechanic, that's the whole point. 
Anyways, best to you! 


Just finished another SCP game and this one has better storyline. Good job!

Thanks for playing. Appreciate the feedback. Cheers! 


funny and yet spooky

Thanks for playing my game. Glad that you liked it. Best to you! 


It took me so long to find the floppy disc in the bushes at the start Lmao, but awesome game!!!!

Yeah, that floppy disc was hidden good. Best to you and your channel! Appreciate the feedback. ✨


HI Niven Hedinger,  my name is facundo R., do you need someone to translate your games? I offer my translation services for free to gain experience for my portfolio. if you do, pls sen me a email: facusello96@gmail.com

Hello mate! 
Unfortunately, the game itself is no longer available for the "edit", basically I don't have game files, so in order for you to translate I would need to make the game once again, which I won't be doing. Although, I might consider it in the future. Cheers! 


pra voce criador 

Thanks a bunch for playing friend. Appreciate the feedback and the video. You played 2 games, awesome! Best to you!


denada    amigo   adorei   esses jogos  asim  baseado  em scp tamo junto  


I loved it!


And I loved your video! Huge thanks for playing! I deeply appreciate the feedback. Wish all the best 🍻


Maybe add a bit more story to the game through discovery and environment but other than that this game was solid and made me jump once. The beginning with the search objective felt creative and well done. Good job keep up the great work!

Thanks for playing my game. I deeply appreciate the feedback. Best to you! 


Loved the game!


Thanks for playing! Liked the video a lot. Cheers! 


Fun game, thoughts at the end of the video

Thanks a lot for playing . Glad that you liked it. I deeply appreciate the feedback. Wish all the best! 


Made a video


Thanks for playing you 2! Enjoyed the edits, yeah!


Happy you enjoyed the edits


I will be playing this live tonight 2/17 around 530-6 PM EST =)

Huge thanks for playing the game on a Stream man! You are awesome. I deeply appreciate the support and feedback. Liked the Sonic T-Shirt lol, yeah. Best to you mate! 


No prob game was amazing!! And thank you I love Sonic. If you ever have anymore new games def hit me


Very good short game indeed, good jumpscare and i jumped on it. Also i put on my youtube channel

Thanks for playing. Glad that you liked the game. Best to you!


[ITA] Elettrizzante direi, sì, il termine calza. Un horror psicologico che mischia una grafica da PSX a elementi SCP.
[ENG] Shocking, a great mix of PSX style and SPC elements.

Thanks for playing. I am very glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for the feedback. Cheers! 


Haven't played horror game for quite some times and got a few heart attack from playing this lol

Thanks a lot, wow! I didn't expect the game would scare you that much. Best to you mate.


I must have missed that entry. But overall, nice atmosphere to the game. Keep it up Niven.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/@Levont


A thousand thanks for playing my game Levont! You are a true legend. Wish all the best! Cheers! 

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I didn't expect to get jumpscared so hard. I will say I had 2 moments where I was a bit confused with the ems reader and the escape at the end but otherwise I found the story and gameplay quite interesting and fun.

Thanks a lot for playing. Glad that you found this interesting. Wish all the best to you and your channel. Cheers! 


this one was awesome i generally didn't think a lamp post could be scary until now

A monumental thanks for playing mate, I am deeply happy that you liked the game. Cheers! 


My first SCP!

Je connais pas du tout cet univers...mais je me suis dis, pourquoi pas ! 

Le jeu est cool. 

Thanks a lot for playing! I really liked the video, your voice is just amazing, as I said. Best to you and your channel! 


Streamed this game recently, nice short game will definitely keep an eye on any future projects 

Thanks for playing my game. Best to you! 



Hey man, thanks for playing! Glad that you liked the game, appreciate the feedback. Best to you!

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