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W A R N I N G! 
The following features adult themes, violence, indication of self harm, acts of suicide and vague nudity. Player's discretion is advised. 

"Incoherence" is an emotionally charged narrative-driven game that follows Kate, a resilient protagonist grappling with the loss of her beloved sister. The gameplay combines exploration, interaction with the world and dialogue to immerse players in Kate's nightmare of guilt and desperation.
The game has only 1 ending, includes 8-10 minutes of gameplay, some jump scares and loud noises. Playing in the dark with headphones is recommended. 






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D E V - N O T E
The project was made in 2 weeks. I intentionally wanted to sell the game, but because of the lack of intuitive mechanics decided to make it available for free. Thank you so much, everyone, for the support. If you have any suggestions, comments, feedback, please do share, it truly means a lot. Best to ALL. 

I just found out about MrKravin, one of the most popular content creators, who played my game and well, hope they liked it. Nevertheless, I am a huge fan and this means a lot to me. Thanks all the rest of you, down in the comments section, who made my game happen, who motivate me all day and who are invested in my silly games. BEST TO ALL OF YOU! 

Updated 9 days ago
Published 14 days ago
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
AuthorNiven Hedinger
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, first, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Short


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I liked the story but the scares didn't quite land for me. I am very desensitised though! I did love the portrait, even if it did look a little out of place in a hotel room! 

Huge thanks for playing my game. I deeply appreciate the feedback. The gameplay's focus was mainly story and psychological elements. I usually don't associate horror with just "scary", because overall horror has a broad definition, but yeah, jump scares are a bit cheap. As for the portrait, it was symbolic to the story, representing Kate's sister - that's Elizabeth Stuart, Queen Of Bohemia. Although, I've seen worse art in hotel rooms (used to work as a bellboy for 6 months so, go figure lol).
Best to you once again. Cheers! 


I love this game and I would like to volunteer to translate them into Turkish so that my Turkish friends can play them. How can I contact you?

Thanks for playing. Appreciate the feedback. Currently, I am not planning on interpreting this particular game in other languages, although maybe the next project could work out. I have the email and discord all shown on my game's page as well as YouTube - Niven Hedinger. 


This is pretty damn good, dude! Very dark and creepy. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks!

Huge thanks, once again for playing man! Your support and feedback is always welcome and much appreciated. Wish all the best to your great channel. Cheers! 


This game is really deep man, coulda expanded upon the relationship but its good for a 10 minute game, very well done

The profound commentary was right on point. I loved the video and the ending really summed it up for this game. Wish all the best to you and your channel friend ✌


I wonderful story may I say

Thanks for playing mate! Loved your video! Hope to see more. All the best to you πŸŽ‡


this game was wild 

Thank you so, so very much for playing. I loved the video, the positive feedback was amazing and yeah, glad that you found this experience profound. Best to you and your channel! 



Thanks for playing. Best to you and your channel! 

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Good game overall the sister looked very creepy only 2 complaints one being the ending that turn felt a little sudden. I also had a weird issue with the mouse it felt like it was lagging and hitching a lot.

Thanks for playing! I will definitely look into the sensitivity. Once again, the "hitching" is very weird, might be a mouse capture issue. Best of luck with your channel mate ✌


i got scared and shitted myself 

Monumental thanks for playing my game and visiting my page once again FunjyDReggs. All the best to you and your channel mate! 


Made a video on Incoherence 


Thanks for playing. Glad that you found the game interesting. Best to you! 


The sister character is horrifying! A good, but sad experience.

A thousand thanks for playing my game Captain πŸ₯‡
I deeply appreciate the feedback and honest review as well as your support. Best to you friend!


What a great game! I really liked the setup and story. Look forward to playing more of your games!

Huge thanks for playing. Loved the playthrough and video format. All the best to you mate ✨


3rd game

I had fun playing this one. Niiiiiicccceee

Thanks for playing! I'm glad I was part of 3 amazing horror games, all great. Huge thanks for the showcase of my game. Best to you! 


Enjoyed the premise of this game - from the setting of the hotel to the PT inspired hospital hallways, it definitely felt that Kate was on a journey of redemption, filled with guilt. 

Had the feeling that the painting had some relevance to the overall plot but couldn't figure it out - the fact that it was the first thing she looked at and said it made her feel calm and then it turned up again in the hospital made me think that it had something to do with Kate's sister. 

Think I flubbed the ending in that I should have explored inside the bathroom before I went over to the table, but otherwise really liked the conept.

Thanks for playing! 
Great observation. Yes, the portrait is actually a symbol of Kate's sister. It belongs to Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia. If you are interested you can read on her bio, she unfortunately passed at a very young age, but in the game it is kind of like a metaphor of Kate's sister, her glory and then tragic passing. 
Huge thanks for supporting me and giving me much needed feedback. Cheers! 


Hey, someone re-uploaded your game, probably as a virus. Just letting you know!

Incoherence by MythicGame (itch.io)

Thank you so much mate! Someone else reported the same, I did sent the notification so, hope they get removed. Thanks again πŸ’Œ


This game was a really interesting on. I do wish we had an optional choice for the end, but regardless. I enjoyed playing it.

Thanks for playing. I appreciate the honest feedback. There was supposed to be the other ending, but the game was going to be longer, initially. I decided to go more linear route, so this is the end result. I'm glad that you enjoyed it overall. Best to you! 


Great game, loved how dark it is. Hoping you make some big beefy titles in the future!

Covered as Game #2 in "4 Scary Games Episode 31"


Thanks a bunch for playing. Loved the commentary. Wish all the best to you and your channel. Cheers! 


Good game! The end was brutal. Wish it would have been a tad lengthier.

Thanks for playing. I did intend to make a longer game, but it would involve more "same" things, looping and I just didn't want to overplay it. Will definitely think of doing a longer one, but like this in the future. Cheers! 


YO NIVEN! This game was INDEED a trip, great work!!! >:D

Huge thanks for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed this. Wish all the best to you and your channel! 


Hola Niven! Enjoyed the game! I dont know if I was wrong to think She was just stuck in a nightmare and non of what I saw was real. Even the ending, Did the sister actually do it? Did kate shoot herself? Or was is it just in her head.....A bad loop in her head. I ended up replaying it and still had questions lol Which makes it a great game <3

Always great to see your post ✨✨
A thousand thanks for playing my game. The video was amazing!
Interesting thought. There was another player, who proposed the same to me and unfortunately I can't give a direct answer, because even thou the story is very direct, the ending is not. See, that final gunshot can be interpreted as the "loop starting again", as Kate is stuck in this "nightmare" and she can't really find closure to her sister's "accident". But, at the same time, you can think that Kate did do it and everything else was just a nightmare, a guilt induced vision of her life, which she could not take anymore. Nevertheless, once you start thinking about it, it becomes more blurred so, if you feel better, you can think that Kate is actually alive, but she suffers from this nightmares, over and over again - Idk if that's better thou. 
Once again, thanks for a thought provoking conversation and your support. Cheers πŸŽ‰


Hey Niven! I thought you might want to know that someone is trying to pass your game as their own - https://mythicgame.itch.io/incoherence

Thanks friend! I reported them immediately. Although, it is kind of flattering to think that my game is worth the hustle for someone else haha. Cheers! 


well made

Thanks for playing. Glad that you liked the game. Best to you mate ✌


love the game. Made very well. The fact that situations like this happen IRL makes this even more scary. Great job!

Thanks for playing. I deeply appreciate the feedback and yeah, things like that do happen, unfortunately. I watched the video, it was great. Wish all the best to your channel πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‰


Nice game! Can't wait to see more from you!

Huge thanks for playing! Glad that you found the story interesting and made a video on it. All the best to you friend ✌


i liked the game,its made well!!

Thanks for playing. I truly appreciate the feedback. Best to you!


why did i start naked cant you just dress before game?

Thanks for playing.
To start with the game's story overall is very symbolic. You would be surprised how many details in the game actually indicate the story and emotionality of the main character. The prologue of the game starts with the statement - She is dead, meaning the death of Kate's sister and then it transitions to the picture - which if you don't know is Elizabeth Stuart's portrait, she was Queen of Bohemia, definitely read on her biography, as it is very vital to the story (I can't go over it here, because it would take a lot of explanation). To simplify it represents the innocence, the power, where when it shows Kate, she is naked, representing vulnerability, shame, guilt and proceeding she needs to get dressed, while everything around her is a mess. That's the most basic answer to that detail. There are other details, which tie into the story as well, but it is up to the player to interpret them. 
So, yeah, it is not about just - oh, a naked woman, haha. I took the game very seriously and worked hard on the impact. Unfortunately, I mentioned this on the page, the game was going to be a much deeper and longer, but I decided to cut some of it and posted it for free. That's about it. 
Thanks for the comment btw, great observation. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask ✌


The old lady by the painting was the scariest of all

Thanks for playing! The old lady was creepy, I do agree with that lol. I do appreciate the feedback a lot. Wish all the best to you and your channel. Cheers! 


great game scared me pretty bad a few times lmao 

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you found the game scary. Best to you and your channel man! Cheers ✌


This game is INCREDIBLE I hope to be able to bring this WONDERFUL GAME to the Hispanic community. THANK YOU VERY MUCH NIVEN!

Thanks for playing. I deeply appreciate the support and positive feedback. Hello to Hispanic community and all the best to them, as well as for you and your channel friend. I'll try to make some good game in the future for sure lol. Cheers 🍻


OMG THE ENDING!!!!! so good Can't wait for more like this!!!!

Thanks for playing. Hope the deliver same quality content next time for sure. Best to you and your channel! 


good game!

Thanks for playing and leaving a positive comment. Best to you mate πŸŽ‡


Truthfully I think sis should just get over it but thats just me. Great game tho, enjoyed it.

Thanks for playing. I very much appreciate the feedback. The story could have had another ending, for sure, but that feeling of guilt was part of Kate's personality. In real life, we MUST deal with those things differently, of course. All the best to you friend ✌


Great game, enjoyed it!


Thanks for playing. Glad that you enjoyed it. I appreciate the support. Best to you and your channel πŸŽ‡


<3 <3 <3 scared the shit outa me

Thanks for playing. I'm glad the game was great for you. Best to you!


Ending was bizarre, simple game to play; good game overall

Thanks a bunch for playing. It was truly bizarre, I agree. I'm glad you enjoyed the game overall. Best to you and your channel! 

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the ending was a blast 

Thanks a lot for playing. Yeah, the ending was a bit dark. I very much appreciate the support. Wish all the best to you! Cheers! 


Such a bizarre ending.. great game! 

Thanks for playing! I deeply appreciate the feedback as well as your support by making a great video for my game. Best to you and your channel πŸŽ‡



Thanks for playing. I'm glad the game was a win, means a lot man! Cheers ✌


Mi experiencia en espaΓ±ol! Me encantan estas tramas y los grΓ‘ficos estilo ps1. Felicidades, gran trabajo

Thanks for playing and I do appreciate the positive feedback. All the best to you and your channel πŸŽ‡


This. Was. Awesome. Loved the spookiness and the scares, and the story was really deep and heavy! Great job as always Niven! 


Thanks for playing man! Always great to see your playthrough. Deeply appreciate the support and your awesome feedback. Best to you 🍻


You're welcome! And as always, thanks for the awesome games! I can't wait to play the next one!

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