A downloadable Enclosure for Windows

Are you sure who you really are? 

The game is inspired by P.T. - a well known horror teaser, which has the "looping" method of telling a story or/and progressing the game. This project was done under 1 week. It does not include any complex mechanics or groundbreaking visuals - simply short, atmospheric and story driven. 

Hope you enjoy the game. Let me know if there are any bugs or if the game has issues, down, in the comments. Cheers. 

P.S. The game has 2 endings, the bad ending and the true ending. Shout out to those in the comments, who helped me with the bugs. 

25.01.2023 - A wonderful day for me, because Markiplier played my game. It is a second full feature that he has played, which I am super proud of. 

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Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
AuthorNiven Hedinger
GenreInteractive Fiction, Simulation
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Exploration, First-Person, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Short, Singleplayer


Enclosure.zip 55 MB

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file. Extract game. Enjoy. 


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A really great game, well made and just the right length for the story. Can't wait for more!

gooooodn game

Thanks for playing, once again. Really liked the playthrough. Cheers! 


The ending was a bit confusing, other than that great game! 

Thanks again for playing. Hope my explanation on your channel was helpful. Cheers ✌


It was very helpful, Thank you for explaining it,


Game was clean and wasen't over worked ,need more on the ending tho. and i hope i got the story rite in my playthough.

Huge thanks for playing. The story was a bit ambiguous and honestly is it fun to see the players' reactions, that's that. Glad you enjoyed it overall. Cheers! 


A short enjoyable experience.

Thank you so much for playing this. I was glad you enjoyed the game. Can't wait for your projects to come out soon. Cheers! 


Hey Niven πŸ™‚ played at 07:52. I enjoyed! Good atmosphere and the story introgued me.

check out my video.

Thank you so much Rhys, this was legit good and I'm glad you enjoyed the game overall. I will definitely include more story next time. Cheers ✌



Thanks for playing, once again. Glad you enjoyed the game. Cheers! 


It was a really good game:)

Thanks for playing, once again. Loved the video. Cheers! 


The experience was really good ~ 

I really appreciate the feedback. Liked the video a bunch. Thanks for playing. Cheers πŸŽ†

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Good game! I thought it have 3 endings. Looking forward for your next project. here my gameplay... :)

Thanks. The video was great. Glad you enjoyed the game. It had just 2 endings. I will try to make something soon, for sure. Cheers ✌


This was very cool. Not sure about the face jumpscare but the rest of it was well done.

Thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed the game overall. Cheers ✌


Ive been playing alot of PT style games lately but this one was different and I love that. I like that its in the sewers . Its a very interesting concept . Great job 


Super glad you checked this one out. Best to you, once again. The video was awesome. Cheers πŸŽ†


This was good, gave me chills (and a little heart attack too!) You should continue the story! 

Super glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again. Cheers πŸŽ‡

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Cant wait to try this out!

Edit: ( my heart legit almost exploded lmao great game!)

Thank you so much. Really appreciate the comment mate. Cheers πŸŽ‡


My playtrough of your game


Very neat, fun and just great. Thanks for playing my game, once again. Best to you πŸŽ‡

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It was really fun since I like games that are similar to P.T

I'm glad you enjoyed the game overall. Cheers ✌


good, now im scared 

Thanks again for playing. The video was fun. Cheers! πŸŽ‡

thanks bro


Great job would like to know more about the story and character. Very fun. 

Glad you enjoyed the game. Best to you and your channel πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†πŸŽ…Cheers! 

thank you so much!!!


Loved the tense atmosphere of this game! Well done!


Thanks for playing my game. I am glad you enjoyed it overall. Cheers πŸŽ†


i discovered a bug during my playthrough! i glitched the door on accident then recreated it :)

Thanks again for playing. The door issue is more of a spoof, its just no other way to end the game once you are in the room, so yeah, the glitch would mean there is something unintentional. 
Liked the video mate. Cheers πŸŽ‡


Very nice short horror game inspired by P.T. I have no clue exactly what the story was about but still a great game! Great job!

Huge thanks for playing my game. I liked the subtle commentary about the atmosphere and overall, the video was superb. Cheers ✌


Very atmospheric game and tense story! Good job. I very like it =)


Thank you so much! It means a lot from a legend like you mate. I am glad you enjoyed the game, can't really wait for your new game and best to you all the way! Cheers πŸŽ‰

Wow, thanks a lot for that kind words =)


I really enjoyed this game! Lots of great scares and an overall enjoyable environment. Well done!

Delightful, fun and most of all, I am glad to see an old mate playing my game. Best to you man. Cheers πŸŽ‡

best to you as well my good man ;)


Really enjoyed this game, hope the video does it justice :)

This was a fantastic video. It did more than justice, truly made my day mate. Best to you πŸŽ‰


Most welcome, dude!



It was fun  to watch. I will definitely consider your suggestions and overall, glad you enjoyed the game. Best to you mate πŸ‘»


very scary game! great job doing this...

Thanks again for playing this. Liked the video. Best to you πŸ‘»


Really enjoyable. I got the true ending, twice, so I'll stick with that. I would have liked subtitles to go along with the radio recordings, but that's minor. Thanks for creating Niven! 

Thanks for the video, it was super fun. I will definitely consider subtitles. The thing is, I do subtitles for my other games, but this one felt a bit different, so I just wanted to have that feel of atmosphere, without the subtitles and mouse cursor. 
Glad you enjoyed the game. Cheers πŸŽ‰

Loved it! Thank you!


This game was so fun! Here's a vid if u wanna check it out :)) Sorry about the confusion haha >.<

Thanks again for playing. It was really fun to watch. Cheers πŸŽ‰


Thank you so much for creating such an eery game. I did not see that ending coming. I look forward to seeing if you have other work. Thank you for everything you did to make such a wonderful game


Thanks for playing, once again. Wish you the best with your channel. Cheers πŸŽ‰


I really enjoy this game, the game is good, scary and funny...... 

I hope this game develops like there is an explanation of the ending between the true ending and the bad ending, thank you, and I'm from Indonesia :)

Thanks very much for the video. I liked it. The game currently is just short, no plans on continuation, but maybe somewhere in the distant future I can make part 2 or a bigger game out of this same idea.
Best to you friend. πŸŽ‰


I had a good time with this game! The game is very simple as it provides a unorthodox story! Managed to get all the endings so that was pretty neat! Keep up the good work! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here! Enjoy my agony!

Thanks for your agony lol, especially with those endings 🀣. Glad you enjoyed the game. Best to you πŸ‘»


Couldn't finish this game without getting scared.For a P.T. inspired game this is still feels very original!

Definitely ketchup 🀣🀣lol
Thanks again for playing. Cheers πŸ‘»


Honestly was quite interesting to play. Wish it had more in depth details on the story in the game, but overall was still quite fun to play!

fun atmosphere and I look forward to more games from you in future!

Thanks again for playing. Definitely making a better and longer project in the future. Cheers! 


Not particularly scary. Unoriginal in that it takes too much from P.T. and generally uses tropes too much. 

There is an attempt at a story but it isn't laid out properly. It's generic and not cohesive.

I dig the simplicity in only having 4 keybinds.

(1 edit)

Thanks for the comment. If the game is not for your liking, fine to me. Although, the game never tries to be scary. I hope you can read the definition for what the game is before playing, otherwise you are downloading a product, which you don't need really. 

Besides looping hallway and a little radio, the game is completely different from P.T., would you mind saying where did P.T. have the generic experimentation on humans? I will wait, because last time I played P.T. it had a house, a tall lady, a Silent Hill homage and a killer father. Super different from my game.

The story is open to be a spoof like. Honestly mate, I would rather you wrote serious review, rather than nonsense. I deeply apologize, but factually whatever you said is wrong. Now, you can say "I don't like the game", I will 100% agree, but above mentioned like, your comment is not true. 

Edit: I glimpsed at your other "reviews" and you seem like a type, who hates on most games and puts absurd, innacurate details for, so, I guess your opinion counts, just for you thou.

Some things I'd say were bordering on "ripping off" would be the starting room, which looks similar and has a bag with flies which is reminiscent of the talking paper bag, it's even in the same spot.

Later in the game the radio asks you something along the lines of "are you sure you're really you?" which is also akin to the paper bag in P.T. saying "Are you sure the only you is you?"

Then there's the radio which details a gruesome crime, the looping hall, the "look behind you", you get the point.

I think alone all these elements are fine, but when you use them all together it does feel uninspired.

I actually did not realize the game was a spoof. So given that, the copying would be fine, if the game was really trying to be a spoof. Spoofs are supposed to be a humorous imitation. This is not. It's just an imitation.

First of all, "takes too much" does not apply to 4 minimal elements, the game's essence is completely different and if I had just changed the colors of the walls, it would be "takes too much". I have no idea why are you deliberately trying to prove the wrong, but it is wrong. Say you don't like the game, I have no right nor the clear mind to argue, but this is just plain ignorant and troll like behavior. 

Secondly, spoof is very different from a parody, which you are referring to. The game has a literal ghost cloth and head pop jump scare, which made some if not all players laugh and just trick over - that's what spoof is. It is mocking, not laughing. You can say the same about "horror is ONLY scary", no it is not.

Maybe you should take your "critique" somewhere else and stop embarrasing yourself. 

FYI, I thought you would come back to this comment, but your irrationality speaks louder then words. And, the game has 5 keybindinga, not 4. At least learn how to count friend. Good day.

Yes it seems I forgot about the flashlight. 


great game 

most of it was spooky and disturbing but funnny sometimes again very great game


I am glad I was able to humor you and at the same time make the experience spooky. Thanks again for playing. Best to you mate ✌


At first, this game was interesting, almost unsettling even.I had high hopes; but then it all fell to ruin with the dollar store jumpscares and the wanna-be scary "behind you" text on the door written with blood.It literally made me laugh, which totally broke the mood.

I am aware that this project was done in a very short amount of time, and I'm not an expert myself, but in the future I think you should really avoid relying on jumpscares too much and if you do put jumpscares, flesh them out, because an image with a loud noise on the screen is gonna be half-scary for a split second and it also breaks the tension. I also didn't understand the ending?  

I think this really has potential. I wish you luck with your next game!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the comment. If this was not your cup of tea, its fine.

Yet, the game was never meant to be scary or tense, it was a spoof, the description heavily pointing  towards that. 
As for the jump scares, I could not agree more. On the other note, I didn't put them in the game, because I wanted high "royalty" quality storytelling relying on the psychological disruption. They are cheap, because that's how the game is supposed to be. Nevertheless, popular is sometimes cheap, so, you tell me. I have pretty average games in my portfolio, most of them made completely by me - atmosphere, story, music, not to mention this is a custom game engine. Those games hardly got 1K downloads, but you know how much this has? 11K, so, once again you tell me what's effective.

In the end, I am chasing quality and not short term amusement, but sometimes games like this put developers on the radar so next time, if I make an original one, more people would be interested. Trust me, I have been doing this for over 4 years now, I would understand my craft better. But thanks for the humble suggestion. 

Edit: I don't go to KFC and hope for almas caviar, you know. That's how it is. 

Whatever you think works for you! Once again, good luck with your next games :D


Teoria en espaΓ±ol

Gracias por jugar mi compaΓ±ero de juego πŸ‘»


this was a super awesome game!! i could totally play a follow up game that covers more of the lore and recordings!! 

Thanks again for playing. Currently not planning anything for this, but maybe in the future I might extend some things. Cheers πŸ‘»


(bad ending)

Thanks for playing. It was a neat, short video. Cheers πŸ‘»


I enjoyed this game. It was cool can't wait to see what you got next!!

I enjoyed the edits, they were so well done mate. Thanks again for playing. Cheers πŸ‘»

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