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Timber is a short, narrative driven, investigation game about the local rumors of a ghostly figure. The cursed place is called "Timber Views" and you follow the narration of the fellow journalist - Tim Manson, who might or might not survive this trip. 

This short experience was made especially with the use of Power-Point and for the game jam, which had the requirement to use only black and white colors. The project, with it's design, sound and story was created in less than 2 hours. 

In the future, there might not be any updates, but if you are interested, please, be sure to comment down below, ask some questions or maybe find out more about the lore. Thanks for checking out my work. Deeply appreciate the feedback. 

Install instructions

Please note this!
The project is made with the use of Power-Point, so you do need to have newest version of office (at least 2015) to run this application. It's for PC and windows only, which I also marked in the description. Thanks. 


Timber.rar 61 MB


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I love reading notes very much. I love the arts and designs too with black and white. Overall good game!

Thanks a lot for feedback. Deeply appreciate the positive words.


Very creepy game this mate pitty about the length but the music and the erriness of the pictures too.

Wow! Thank you soo much! This video just made my day, I am so glad you played it and the thumbnail is so cool. I did hope to make game longer and use some engine, not Power-Point, but this video is amazing. Deeply appreciate it. 


Pictures in this are so creepy. The music was weird too, like, I thought someone was going to scream or maybe say something, really creepy.

Thanks. Next time, I will try to make it even creepier. Appreciate the feedback. 


Hey Niven. I really want to play your game, but what do I need to play it? It's a ppsx file?

Hey, thanks for checking this out. Well, the only way to open is to use Power-Point, on PC, if you have download Power-Point, or you can use Google Slides, that helps too.


Chilling adventure! Towards the end, I really wanted to see the ghostly figure thou. Is this based on any real story or maybe creepypasta?
Loved it. 

Thanks. I really appreciate the feedback. Yes, it is supposed to be like a folk tale about missing children and the ghostly demon. But, mostly it's just fictional. Thank you for asking.