A downloadable game for Windows

"Someday" is a visual novel, power-point game, made within couple of days. The story and music is made by me, as well as my friend, who helped me build a short, but sweet experience. 
There are some adult oriented themes, be sure to read this before downloading and playing it.

Also, the game was made specifically for the game jam and, it might not be universally relatable. Maybe. 

Have an amazing experience. 


Someday.rar 25 MB


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I like the story visual novels and design especially the readings too. I got the ending 1. Overall good game!


Thank you. I see you like visual novels. I plan on doing a really big one, soon, so thanks.


I tried to open the file...but it didn't work!

It's probably the Power-Point issue. The game is a small project. Try downloading Office 2019 and that would help. Usually Google Slides did not do the work properly. Thanks for checking out my work, I really appreciate that.